Almond brings economic opportunities to consumers, merchants and financial institutions in developing regions through our global financial solutions platform.

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Almond Provides Financial Inclusion for Individuals and Small Businesses

Lack of access to capital is among the main contributors to poverty globally. Two billion people in developing countries worldwide have no access to banks - farmers, manufacturers, retailers and others therefore struggle to grow their businesses due to limited capital. Yet, in markets like Myanmar, 95% of people have access to mobile phones despite this financial exclusion.

Almond Helps By Providing Access to Capital and New Markets Through a Mobile App

Almond, in partnership with local financial institutions, enables individuals and small businesses in developing countries to overcome the most pressing economic hurdles by providing access to essential financial services on a single mobile phone-based platform. Users can easily apply and be approved for a loan, have digital cash disbursed, search for and compare local vendors, find new markets, make transactions and repay loans - all on their phone.

Micro Loans

Existing microfinance institutions are partnering with Almond to provide and service loans.

Marketplace Mapping

A self-developed market mapping feature tells buyers where to find vendors and how to connect with new markets at better rates.

Digital Transactions

Through partnership with digital payment firms, our app allows subscribers to transfer money through their phones, simplifying and speeding transactions to place Almond users firmly in the world economy.

Request, receive and pay for microloans

Search vendors in your area

Request, receive and pay for microloans

Search vendors in your area

Make purchases, send and receive money

Track cash flow


Our Partners in Asia:

Our Partners in Asia:

Our US-Based Sponsors and Collaborators:

Our US-Based Sponsors and Collaborators:

We are launching soon!

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