Almond’s platform provides interoperability between mobile financial services, making remittances and payments across providers and borders possible.

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Request, receive and pay for microloans

Search vendors in your area


Instant, affordable cross-border remittances


Interoperability between mobile wallets and services

Instant, affordable cross-border remittances


Credit evaluation and access to fair lending


Easy to transfer money no matter what platform you use

Almond can connect hundreds of mobile wallets across Southeast Asia. This means it’s easy for users on different payment platforms to get or send money whenever they need to.

International remittances between mobile wallets

With Almond, remittances don’t stop at the border Send to and receive money from other countries using your existing mobile wallet.

Credit evaluation and access to fair lending

Apply for and get a microloan more easily than ever using just your phone.


About Us

Our Mission

I founded Almond as part of an ongoing effort to strengthen vulnerable communities. Economic development combats poverty and improves resilience in a truly sustainable way. By bringing financial inclusion to some of the two billion people globally who remain without access to traditional banking institutions, Almond creates new opportunities for development. – Adam Swartzbaugh

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that bringing together diverse viewpoints and experiences is how we create a better enterprise. Almond was created by teams from three continents, and with graduate students working alongside corporate partners. We continually strive to celebrate cultural literacy, increase employee engagement, recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and build internal opportunities for each one of us to learn and grow.

Our Impact

Our reporting metrics focus on Impact Goals that align with 6 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create meaningful change. Almond has developed several indicators to consistently analyze whether our solution is meeting the needs of our beneficiaries and is maintaining focus on our impact goals – to create financially inclusive societies, reduce gender inequality within and among countries, enable opportunity for improved financial health, and promote sustainable economic growth.


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