The Problem

Sending money abroad to friends, family or B2B is slowed by transfer delays and limited banking access. Of the $700B in annual international transfers,$34.5B is wasted on high transaction fees to and from emerging markets.

Partner Opportunity

Almond Partners in Southeast Asia gain access to a $98B annual remittances market.

The Solution

Almond’s platform provides interoperability, facilitating remittances and payments across financial service providers and borders possible.

Mobile transfers are much faster than banks and cheaper than common remittance services. Almond’s technology can be integrated as an API into existing mobile platforms.

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Send money across borders

Interact with users of different mobile wallets

Transfer funds instantly with the lowest fees

Direct Implementation Fees

None! Partnership presents tremendous opportunity to Almond and our mobile service Partners. Our Partnership agreements are fast, simple and low-risk.

Consumer Transaction Fee

Variable based on market rates. Almond works with Partners to calculate the ideal transaction fee. Our technology and model are cost-efficient, so transfer rates remain low while margins remain high.

Partner Revenue Share

Almond shares fees generated through transactions with our Partners.

Sign-Up Incentive

Wallet Partners keep 100% of transaction fees from the first 5,000 transactions.


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